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Post planning


able to sit down and figure up next year’s schedule, calendar, and

year there will be an 8th grader, 1st grader
and level 2 Preschooler

have found a couple of new resources I’m excited to try out to see
how well I can incorporate that information into our core curriculum.

considering doing some primitive life skills such as basic weaving,
basic shelter construction and fire making. I don’t know how far
into that I will even venture….but its just an idea to toss around
this summer….maybe we can do it like a summer course? Like I said
just an idea that has been bouncing around in my head.

school year will start 9/5/2017 and end around 5/22/2018 give or take
a few days depending….Last year I spent way too much time focusing
on the quarters, semesters, etc and drove myself nearly insane. This
year we are taking a much more laid back approach, slightly more
structured than some homeschoolers I know, but not nearly as
structured as I was before.

preliminary list of sites are:








new sites are :

am I doing for attendance tracking etc:

Discoveryk12 has
me covered on that- but I keep a spread sheet of the days we do
school work. Keep some of the important work we do.

I still have left to do….


my declaration of intent with the GA Dept of Education

all 4 kids physicals & eye exams

Plan for lunches & Breakfasts


school supplies

Research Field Trips

is really wanting a back pack so I will probably get her one for
sleepovers etc. I also want to get a better homeschooling space set
up- (I have all summer to do that)


Lucid Dream

As I lay on my couch resting my eyes for just a moment, I must have fell into a slumber.


Suddenly I was in water up over my face, I could hear the water rushing into my ears. The water blurring my vision and I was gasping for breath.

As my head bobbed up over the water for a moment I could see a shoreline in the distance. And Again my face was under the water and I was looking up at the sky.


then I woke up.

Out of breath and my lungs were burning.  My heart racing.


It was so very real. I could feel the coolness of the water, feel the sensation of water rushing to my ear drums.


Of course there is symbolism there, I feel like I’m drowning in my emotions.


Nothing official 

We still haven’t decided 100% either way about homeschooling this upcoming school year. Granted I will need to know before school starts back obviously. 
I also need to work on more circle time videos for the younger kids. And suspend my subscription to (love their guided lessons) 

It’s perplexing and frustrating at times having 4 kids at home. Other times I’m glad I know they are safe.  

I am so very tired. I don’t seem to rest at night anymore. My brain can’t seem to shut up long enough. 

Somewhere between.